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Glimpses of History: Ruins of Kotaha

October 25, 20114 Comments

Kotaha Fort: Kotaha or Garhi-Kotaha, 20 miles north of  Umballa, was the seat of power under the Rule of the Mirs that started with the coming of Hakim General Qasim-ul-Khan in early 17th century. The Mirs ruled the Hills of Morni and the ilaqa of Kotaha and Naraingarh from their formidable fort at Kotaha.  Major William Lloyd  and […]

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The Morni Landscape

October 7, 20110 Comments


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History of Morni

October 7, 201136 Comments

The 14 ‘BHOJS’ of Thakur Rajputs: The Morni Hills were originally held by Rajput Thakurs who had divided the territory into 14 small estates. Each of these estates was called a ‘BHOJ’ and included several hamlets or ‘DHANIS’. The sub-division thus effected persists to this day and each bhoj retains much the same boundaries as it […]

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