Morni Wildlife: Yellow-throated Marten

July 22, 2012

Yellow-throated Marten (Martes flavigula) a brightly coloured marten of Asia with a powerful build. It is the largest marten of the Old World (weighing about 5 kg) and is about 5′ long with the long shiny black tail constituting 2/3 of the overall body length.  Its fur is a mix of golden-yellow-brown, black and white. The small pointed head is black. The chin is pure white.Limbs are short and strong.Ears are short and pointed. The front paws and fore-limbs are black. The chest and throat are bright golden-yellow and hence the name.

It hunts in pairs during the day and feeds on rats, hares, snakes, ground birds and even cats, wild boar piglets and muntjac fawns. It emits a foul odour from its anal glands when threatened. It does not fear humans and is believed to dig up and feed on human corpses! It is an agile tree-climber and can jump from branch to branch.

Yellow-throated Marten, Morni-Badiyal road (July 2012)

Yellow-throated Marten, Morni-Badiyal road (July 2012)

Yellow-throated Marten-Morni-Badiyal-Road

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