Morni Wildlife (Herpetofauna): Indian Skipper Frog

Indian Skipper Frog/Skittering Frog (Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis) is a common South Asian acquatic frog that can be seen swimming in pools of stagnant water, floating close to the vegetation at the edge, with the eyes above the water. It ‘skitters’ away noisly when disturbed, skipping over the water surface and may dive if provoked further. Emperor Babur noted this peculiarity when he wrote about it in Baburnama, ‘The frogs of Hindustan are worthy of notice. Though of the same species as our own, yet they will run six or seven gez on the face of the water.’ It is slimy, medium-sized (6-7 cm)and has a dark olive-brown back with black blotches. The underside is white. It can leap out of water even when floating. It feeds on insects on the water surface and may also eat tadpoles and small fish.

Indian Skipper Frog, Baoli at Rasoon
Indian Skipper Frog- Eyes
Indian Skipper Frogs



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