Morni Wildlife: Golden Jackal

Golden Jackal/ Asiatic Jackal (Canis aureus) resembles a wolf in overall appearance but is smaller and lighter with shorter legs and tail, a narrower muzzle and an elongated body. The adult is about 3 feet in length, a foot-and-a-half high at the shoulder and weighs around 10 Kg.The fur is buff coloured on the shoulders, ears and legs. The back has black hair. The belly, chest and sides of legs are creamy white. The golden jackal typically lives in pairs, the breeding pair being followed by the offspring.The pair patrols and marks territory together. The golden jackal may dig a burrow for giving birth or build a lair in a thicket. It is omnivorous and feeds on rodents, insects, hares, reptiles, birds and fruit. The golden jackal has a long wailing howl and it typically howls at dawn, midday and the evening hours. During the days of the British Raj the golden jackal was hunted for sport.

Golden Jackal, Bunga reservoir