Villages of Morni

‘Villages’ in Morni area range from isolated hamlets hidden within dense forests in narrow valleys (like Kadiyani) to clusters of stone houses on a forested hill-tops (like Diyothi) to large town-sized villages (like Mandana and Jabyal). The contiguous clusters of houses typically comprise the numerous ‘Dhanis’ that are then organized into the ’14 Bhojs of Morni’.

The Bhoj was primarily a revenue collection unit under the Rajput Rajahs of Sirmaur  that was retained as such by the later rulers, the Meers of Kotaha. It also served as a  point for shared community activities like celebration of festivals, marriages etc and for pooling of resources like setting up of granaries etc by the hill people. The system of Bhojs eventually gave way to the Panchayats that are in some cases contiguous with the Bhojs. In other cases a single Bhoj subsumes several Panchayats and in other cases the Panchayat area is larger than that of the Bhoj.

The villages are, however, invariably scenic.


Mandana Village
Khadoon Bana, Morni-Raipur Rani Road



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  1. Rajazada ahmad Ali khan of kotaha

    Hakim qasim khan the imperial physian during emperor Aurangzeb was sent to assits the jagirdar of kotaha during his fight with nahan raja . Later on hakim qasim khan become jagirdar of kotaha. He was also given the title of Mir of kotaha by mogul emperor. Hakim qasim khan was succeeded by his only son Mir baker Ali khan first . He was brave enough to withhold the first Sikh war and later died fighting Sikhs near sadhura. He was succeeded by his only son Mir Mohammad jaffar Ali khan ,Mir of kotaha. He was later on in 1816 granted a sanad by general david octerlony in return for his services during Gurkha campaign including morni illaqa with full rights kharji & dakhili , he remained independent ruler of kotaha & morni till his death in1831. He was survived by his only son Mir Mohammad akbar Ali khan second , he came under british punishment during 1857 mutiny . He had one son Mir qasim Ali khan second , who was married to famous Rajput talukdar of united province thakur nahar Ali khan of pitampura in bulandshahr. He died at young age in Lahore on a visit to that city in 1849-50, leaving behind young widow begum Luftunnisa and son raja Mir Mohammad baker Ali khan second ,c I e, founder& first vice- president of m a o college ,Aligarh & many more social service works. He died in January ,1902 leaving behind two sons & two daughters kuwar jaffer Ali khan & kuwar asghar Ali khan ,the former resided at pindrawal & later built a magnificent fort near town atrauli, Aligarh in 1909, it still stands tall & beautiful . Kuwar Mir jafer Ali khan died in 1920 at Aligarh & was succeeded by raja mir Mohammad Akbar Ali khan sahib , o b e & he was also member u p legislative assembly in 1937 , he was also accorded by governor of Punjab at sir hand with a kalghi& khillat , he also built a hospital at morni village. He died in 1958 leaving behind three sons namely, Mir moan ad qasim Ali khan third, Mir Mohammad kasim Ali khan of pindrawal & kotaha & raja Mir Mohammad raza Ali khan sahib of pindrawal & kotaha, he is presently president Shia degree college Lucknow & also member a m u court. His second son is rajazada Mir ahmad Ali khan is engineer & lives in new Delhi . He is married to zahra sarwat bano daughter of doctor shahenshash hussain zaidi a talukdar of Oudh , he has two sons Mir hani raza & Mir sayyid Ali raza & a daughter kaunain Fatima .

  2. Syed Waseem Haider

    A grandchild of Raees-e-Aurangabad Bulandshahr UP,would love to know if anybody from the family is there.

    1. Yes the whole family is here in India. Your cousin Chand farmhand is married to Syed Sibtey razi.

      1. Syed Waseem Haider

        Thank you Ahmed Ali Khan sahib.Aadab.I know a few there like Bugan Bhai his son Shahid and some others just by name.Also I am in contact with Baqar Bhai here in Canada.Also Tahmeed daughter of Taj Baji.I am the youngest son of Kanwar Syed Mumtaz Ahmed.What is the best way to contact all there like facebook etc.Also please if you could let me know about you.

        Wasalam,Duayon ka talib

        Waseem Haider

      2. Could u plz mention the name of asgar ali Khan’s mother name..she is from Abdullapur,Meerut.

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