Bhoj Tipra

April 12, 2013

Bhoj Tipra lies on the hills that lie north of river Ghaggar that form the northern boundary of the Morni ‘ilaqa’. Beyond the hills of Tipra farther to the North lies Himachal and the imposing Bursinghdeo Range, a virtual straight wall that extends from Nahan in the east through Sarahan to Naina Tikkar in the West. The major district road 118 that connects Panchkula to Nahan crosses the Ghaggar at Chhamla. Just short of Badisher a road veers off to the west and climbs up the Tipra hills to run along the ridge virtually parallel to the Ghaggar that flows from East to West, cutting off Tipra hills from the main Morni hill range. The hill road takes one to Dhaman धामण a major dhani of the Tipra hills with colourfully painted houses built at different levels. Bhoj Tipra lies further to the West atop the highest hill of this northernmost range of Haryana. As per MNREGA records Bhoj Tipra comprises the following Dhanis- Bharat, Bhoj Tipra, Chaplana चपलाना, Dakori, Dhaman, Harsho हरसो, Kainan, Rewadi, Saradi and Sog सौग. 

As on 1.1.2003 Bhoj Tipra (the dhani) has 164 registered voters, Harso has 100, Dhaman has 106, Chaplana has 87, Sog has 22, Sug has 21 and Kharuni has 19. Overall, 579 voters (328 male and 251 women) are registered at Polling Station No. 125 that caters to Bhoj Tipra area (as on 1.1.2013).

* As per the website of the District Administration of Panchkula Bhoj Tipra comprises the following dhanis- Bhaputi Rug, Bherely, Bho, Bhoj Tipra, Chaplana, Dhaman, Harsho, Jaliram Tipra, Jawala Tipra, Kainan, Katly, Kharuni खरुणी, Rewadi, Sarandi, Silyon, Sog and Sug सुंघ.

Dhaman, Bhoj Tipra

Dhaman, Bhoj Tipra

School at Dhaman

School at Dhaman


Bhoj Tipra

Bhoj Tipra


Picturesque dhanis of Tipra

Picturesque dhanis of Tipra

Basic Information:

PIN Code: 134205

Hadbast No. 320

Patwar Circle: Bhoj Tipra

Qanugo Circle: Morni

Sub-Tehsil: Morni

Tehsil: Panchkula

Block: Morni

Police Post: Morni

Police Station: Chandimandir (at Sector 23, Panchkula)

Panchayat: Bhoj Tipra

Village Code 57113

Assembly Constituency: Kalka (Code No.1)

Parliamentary Constituency: Ambala (Code No. 1)

Polling Station: Bhoj Tipra (No. 125)

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