Trees of Morni: Sohanjna

Sohanjna/ Horseradish Tree/ Drumstick Tree (Moringa Oleifera) a fast growing, small deciduous tree with deep roots that help it survive dry conditions. It prefers well-drained clays. The bark is smooth dark grey. The wood is soft and light and of limited use. It produces flowers all year round if water is ample. The foliage is sparse and decreases further under dry conditions. The tree has a short life span. It has a number of medicinal uses. Controls diabetes, hypertension, lowers lipids, and is used to treat a range of gastric ailments. The seed pods resemble drum sticks and are rich in vitamins and amino acids. The young pods are edible. The mature pods yield an edible oil used for salads. The leaves are used in salads, pickles etc. The yellowish seed-oil is a lubricant for fine machinery! The tap roots are edible and taste like horseradish.

Sohanjna tree, Rasoon
Sohanjna leaves
Sohanjna Drum Sticks
Sohanjna trunk