Trees of Morni: Safed Kikkar

May 8, 2012

White Bark Acacia/ Brewer’s or Distiller’s Acacia/ Safed Kikkar/ Safed Babul/ Reonja/ Ronjh/ Niur in Morni (Acacia leucophloea) is a medium-sized thorny tree with a stout trunk and an umbrella like spreading crown. It is hardy and can withstand drought. Bark is light coloured. Leaves are double compound with  thorns at the base. Flowers appear in August-October, are light-yellow in colour and attract bees The seed-pods appear in October-February, are flattened and curved and are eaten by monkeys etc. The bark is known to have a large range of medicinal uses including treatment of chest infections, stomach problems, open-wounds and snake-bites. It is also used as an ingredient for brewing liquor.

Safed Kikkar at Thalapur, Morni hills ( July)

Safed Kikkar at Thalapur, Morni hills ( July)

Safed Kikkar, Rasoon (November, 2011)

Safed Kikkar Seed Pods (November)

Safed Kikkar Bloom, Rasoon,Morni hills (August)

Safed Kikkar Bloom, Rasoon,Morni hills (August)


Compound-leaf of Safed Kikkar

Safed Kikkar Leaves

Bark of Safed Kikkar

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