Trees of Morni: Tungla

तुन्गला Tungla/ मूर्ति Moorti in Morni (Rhus parviflora) – a shrub with a smooth grey bark. Young parts are densely covered with hair.

Leaves comprise 3 leaflets on a common petiole- the terminal leaflet is much larger than the other two. Leaflets are obvate, crenate, sparsely hairy above and pubescent beneath.

Flowers in May/June. Inflorescence- a terminal panicle with racemose branchlet.

Fruiting in July/ August. Drupe .2 inch in diameter, ovoid – a smooth and shiny brown/ red. Fruit is eaten and is used in Hindu medicine.

Moorti Tree, Rasoon, Bhoj Balag
Moorti leaves
Moorti flower, May 2012, Rasoon
Moorti Fruit
Moorti Trunk: Wood is hard and close grained.



Forest Flora of the Chakrata, Dehra Dun and Saharanpur Forest Divisions, United Provinces; Upendranath Kanjilal (1928)