Trees of Morni: Indian Date Palm

January 28, 2013

Indian Date Palm (Phoenix sylvestris) a hardy, drought-resistant, single-trunked palm that grows wild in scrubland upto an elevation of 1300 metres.The green, curving leaves (about 10 feet in length) with sharply-pointed leaflets, form an attractive leaf crown that makes it a popular choice for landscaping.The trunk is bumpy and is marked by diamond-shaped leaf scars.The tree attains a height of about 40 feet.The sap is used to make jaggery and brew toddy (it is also called toddy palm). The tree bears small white flowers. The drupes are popular with birds and is popular nesting site of the Baya Weaver. The leaves are woven into mats and ropes are made out of the leaf stalks. The fruit has a range of medicinal uses particularly pertaining to stomach-related problems. The attractive tree dots the Morni landscape.

Indian Date Palm

Indian Date Palm

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