Trees of Morni: Crocodile-bark Tree

Crocodile-bark tree/ Sein/ Asan/ Asana/ Saaj (Terminalia elliptica or tomentosa/Pentaptera tomentosa) is a tall deciduous tree with a tough fire-resistant bark that resembles the crocodile skin! The bark is known to have medicinal values. Sein is found at altitudes upto 1000 metres in both dry and moist deciduous forests. The tree stores water in the trunk that is reportedly tapped in some tribal areas during the dry season. The foliage is used as cattle feed. The tassar silk worms are fed on the leaves of this tree. The wood is straight grained and of average quality.


Sein tree, Rasoon, Bhoj Balag (November, 2011)
Sein tree Rasoon
Sein tree's Crocodile barkSein tree Rasoon
Sein leaves