Trees of Morni: Chaste tree

Chaste tree/ Nirgundi/ Sindvar/ Negundo (Vitex negundo) – a small tree (size of a large shrub) with a single woody trunk that grows in wastelands and the Himalayas upto a height of 2000 metres. Leaves are pointed with 3 to 5 leaflets and have a pungent odour. Fresh leaves are burnt as a fumigant to get rid of mosquitoes! Small lilac/ blue-white flowers are borne on upright panicles from June to September and exude a musk-like aroma.  The fruit is ovoid, four-seeded drupe that turns black on ripening. The tree is useful for preparing herbal formulations to treat respiratory diseses like asthma. It is used in Ayurveda for treating problems of the joints.

Chaste tree, Morni road (August)
Chaste tree flowers, Morni road (August)
Honey bee on Chaste tree flowers
Honey bee on 3- leaved Chaste tree flowers
Chaste tree on road to Morni  (August)
Chaste tree on road to Morni (August)


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