Trees of Morni: Biul

Biul (Grewia oppositifolia) a moderate sized deciduous tree found scattered in hill ranges of northern India upto an altitude of 7000 feet.

Biul tree, Rasoon May 2012


Biul tree in bloom, August 2016
Biul tree in bloom, August 2016

The bark is whitish and the wood is elastic and tough. The bark yields a jute like fibre. The wood releases an unpleasant odour when first cut and is hence rarely used for fuel.

Bark of Biul tree

The fruit is pea-sized, edible and seedy. It is eaten by humans and langurs alike and has a pleasant (mildly sharp) taste.


Biul fruit- May 2012 (Courtesy Rajesh Pandey)


The leaves and young twigs are lopped for fodder for the cattle in winters when fodder becomes scarce. The leaves are ovate, serrated and rough. The flowers are white/ pale-yellow and appear in leaf-opposed, umbellate cymes. The tree can be propogated through seeds and shoots.

Biul flower, Rasoon, Bhoj-balag, August-2016
Biul flower, Rasoon, Bhoj-Balag, August-2016


Biul flowers and leaves
Biul flower May 2012 (Courtesy Rajesh Pandey)
Biul flower May 2012 (Courtesy Rajesh Pandey)