Trees of Morni: Amaltas

Amaltas/ Golden Shower Tree (Cassia fistula) – a beautiful tropical tree that sheds its leaves in summers and bursts into bunches of yellow-golden, fragrant flowers that hang like grapes. The tree grows well in well-drained soil and tolerates dry conditions.  A fast growing tree that can grow upto 60 feet in height. The wood is hard and red in colour. The dark-brown cylindrical seed pods hang from the branches. Each pod can be 2 feet in length and may contain 100 flat brown (poisonous) seeds. The flowers attract butterflies and bees. A popular ornamental tree that is used for avenue planting by urban landscapers. It grows wild in Morni hills and isolated trees are scattered all over the Morni area. The Golden shower tree is the national tree of Thailand.

Amaltas flowers
Amaltas, Rasoon
Amaltas seed pod
Amaltas tree trunk