Shrubs of Morni: Indian Globe Thistle

Indian Globe Thistle / Camel’s Thistle (Oont katara/ Oont kateli)/ Brahmadandi (Brahma’s stick!)  (Echinops echinatus) is a thorny erect plant of the wastelands with short stout stems that branch from the base and are covered with white cottony hair. Tiny white flowers appear during December-April on solitary white spherical (‘Globular’) balls and are guarded by straight, strong needle-like bristles. The foliage is coarse and thistly.  Camel’s thistle is hardy and drought tolerant. The thistle has medicinal properties and is used to treat skin itching, as a diuretic and a nerve tonic. Above all, for the believers, praying to this potent plant saves one from the evil spells cast by tantrics!

Indian Globe Thistle, Mallah, Morni hills (January 2013)
Indian Globe Thistle, Mallah