Shrubs of Morni: Bush Morning Glory

January 8, 2013

Bush Morning Glory/ Besharam – Shameless! (Ipomoea carnea) is a tall, sparsely branched shrub with green, 6-9″ heart shaped leaves with long stalks and trumpet shaped purple-pink flowers that fade under the heat of the sun. The flowers bloom in the morning in clusters at ends of tall branches and attract butterflies and hummingbirds.The leaves and seeds are toxic. The plant has medicinal uses as a sedative and anticarcinogenic.The shrub is a native of tropical America but has adapted well to India. Its ability to adapt to a variety of habitats and the speed with which it spreads have earned it the name ‘Besharam’ (Shameless in Hindi) in India.

Bush Morning Glory- Flower, Mallah, Morni hills

Bush Morning Glory- Leaves

Bush Morning Glory, Morni road (August)

Bush Morning Glory, Morni road (August)


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