Shrubs of Morni: Bansa

Bansa/ Vasaka (Adhatoda vasica) is a medicinal shrub that grows to a height of 2-4 feet and is native to Asia. The leaves are long and lance-like with a bitter taste. The leaves are rich in alkaloids, particularly vasicine that is used for preparing expectorants and is also used in different Ayurvedic formulations. The plant is also used as a natural germicide. The shrub is found growing wild in the Morni hills.

Bansa flowers, Mallah, Morni
Bansa leaves, Mallah, Morni hills

2 thoughts on “Shrubs of Morni: Bansa”

  1. Er.M.C.Aggarwal

    Pl. see the aforesaid page. This akarkara herb is abundantly grows it self as a weed in some areas of Garhon village near Morni. Herb is of great value but the villagers are not familiar with its uses as I personally discussed with them.
    There are hundreds of medicinal plants in Morni area , unless identified propery one can not know.

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