Resorts of Morni: Pine Resort

Nestled in the heart of Morni’s only real pine belt is this two-storey green-coloured road-side dhaba that overlooks the terraced fields and the meandering ghaggar and the road to Barisher. The heavy shade of the whistling pines and the moss covered rocks give one the feel of being in the higher hills of Himachal. The area remains cool even during peak summers unlike other parts of Morni that leads one to the realization that the profile of these lower Shivalik hills can be made to change if dense pockets of pines and deodars are created in the higher reaches. Pine Resort is located about a kilometre short of the turning for Barisher and some 5 KMS from Mountain quail, the Haryana Tourism Resort at Morni. The facilities are rather basic and tourists halt at this spot primarily to get the pine grove experience.

Phones: 9416953017, 9467530017, 9813754017, 9813491417

Pine Resort