Morni Hill Resorts: Shimon Resort

Shimon Resort at Urhion, about a kilometre short of Morni offers views of the Tipra Range beyond the Ghaggar.

Hotel Shimon, Urhion

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  1. This is the most awesome place I have ever visited in my life. They provide a very good food with all the facilities and has scenic beauty as well. This place is located at the the best location in morni. I would love to visit there every weekend.

  2. Having travelled to the remotest of places in Himachal (I was born and brought up in Chandigarh), I always thought Morni Hills would be a disappointment I first travelled to Morni in 2002, and although it was very removed from places like Kalpa (Kinnaur, Udaipur and Triund (Chamba), Keylong and Nako Valley (unsurprisingly), it captured my heart. I was there in June, and due to lack of information, stayed on till late evening. To my very pleasant amazement, it became disntinctly chilly after 6 pm. I was thrilled because I didn’t expect that here ! I had to a pay a fortune to arrange a stay there for the night, but I was smiling inside my heart.

    Since then I have been to Morni a million times, more recently through Chandimandir- Ambawalan- Burj Kotian – Jallah route. I travelled the same road once in 2004 as well, and our car got stuck in a particulary bad stretch of the road. I didn’t venture on this road again until 2012. It’s an absolute charm now, and the waterfalls on Kaulshalya river near Burj Kotian are an added attraction.

    I discovered this website only today. It’s so well made and laid out. Way to go !

    I am also a researcher in horticulture (currently trying to grow apples in Panchkula !), and would love to know more about edible exotic fruits found in Morni Hills.

    The article about alternate routes to Morni is very informative. I have travelled to Kot Bunga village once, but didn’t know there’s a road which connects that road to Morni. I would also like to reach Tikkar without reaching Morni !

    In fact, whenever I see Tikkar lakes, two things come to my mind immediately. First why can’t we have a Gondola or Ropeway service running from Chandigarh/Panchkula to Tikkar ? Secondly, why can’t that place be converted into a luxury golf course ? There is so much green available all around the lake !

    Another thing that springs to my mind is a forest nature walk which can start from Mandana, and can take nature lovers via a walk-over natural bridge ( no concrete at all !) over the valley to the other side of the ranges. It could turn out to be just a 2 km walk, with the most breathtaking views for the nature enthusiast, not to talk of the flora and fauna likely to be encountered.

    Not only that, the site of the Kaushalya waterfalls (where tragically five foolish kids lost their lives recently) seems perfect to be developed as a nature and adventure resort. Is the deptt. listening ? As it is there is hardly any tourism in Haryana, and they are unable to cash in on the very few hill spots they have !

    Is there a Tourism deptt functioning in Haryana at all ?

  3. @Atul – Apples in Panchkula!! If I were to experiment with fruit growing in Morni I would grow Harar trees. They do well in Morni. Harar is an important ingredient in Ayurveda and sells very well. The British charged extra land revenue on account of the Harar trees.
    I have not seen Kaushalya falls. How much is d drop?

    1. Yes, my dear friend, apples in Panchkula. The first experiment begins November this year. The research and labwork is all complete !

      There are in fact 2 waterfalls just beyond a Muslim Cemetry, about 2 kms ahead from Burj Kotian (if you are coming from Pkl. This is exactly the spot where 5 foolish boys took swollen river for granted and lost their lives recently. I have been there 3 times in the last 3 months. The first time it was sometime in July, when it had not rained at all for the preceding week. The water was crystal clear, chilly and the river was calm ( though care needs to be taken as there are always dangerous and deep stretches even on calm days. The major waterfall is across the river from the road side, and we managed to walk through ankle deep water towards it. The height would be about 15 to 20 feet, but its very voluminous at that spot.

      About 100 mts left of this waterfall is another fall, less voluminous but bigger in size and has huge boulders where it seems one can sit and have fun. Unfortunately, that one is almost always unreachable because of a particularly deep portion of the river that lies on its path.

  4. I would add fruit trees like bel, anar and amla. Morni gets ample sunshine and the area is not very moist.

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