Morni Hill Resorts: Rock View

The road from Morni to Tikkar tal is a level drive for some 2 kilometres from the fort until one reaches the sharp bend around the Gajan ridge. The road then descends sharply against the face of the rocky-cliff and offers an awe-inspiring view of the sparkling lakes and the vast plains that stretch into the distant horizon. About half-a-kilometre from the bend a narrow dirt track meets the road on the right. The track runs parallel to the metalled road in the reverse direction for some distance. This is the forest track that leads to Rasoon, a hamlet under Bhoj Balag. The track continues further till Deora, another hamlet of Balag. About a hundred yards or so from the road, lies Rock View, a modest cottage-hotel.

The red and white cottage with its sloping roofs and garden terraces, looks breath-taking against the rocky backdrop of the Gajan cliff that rises sharply to form a natural vertical wall of rock. The lawn to the front of the hotel offers an unbroken view of the Bhim Tal. One can also see the meandering hill road leading to the picturesque valley below. The hotel ranks the heighest for this uniterrupted view of the beautiful terraced hills ensconcing the sparkling lakes, the green meadows and the vast plains beyond the ‘bowl’. As the sun sets beyond the Rasoon hill, the sky gets painted orange and the view can look spectacular in the rains when the golden rays filter through the wooly clouds. A short trek down the Deora track can lead one to another viewpoint that offers an unparalleled spectacle in fog months of December/January. One can see a thick white blanket of fog covering the numerous small valleys that are formed by the rolling hills as they fall to the plains to the South.It takes a while for the uninitiated to realize that its fog that one sees and not snow.

The budget hotel offers rooms starting at Rs. 700 for a night. The facilities are basic but neat. The clean, oil-free home-made food and warm hospitality sets the place apart from the other small resorts of Morni. The author likes to describe the place as ‘The Forest Guard’ as it seems to be guarding the pathway to the enchanted wood that lies beyond. The environmentally conscious owners have planted a number of fruit-bearing trees on the terraces. The forest track is lined with silver oaks till some distance from the hotel.

Rock view, a Cottage-Hotel
Snowfields of Morni
Sunset at Rock View, Rasoon, Morni



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  1. Pradeep Sharma

    I would like to visit your place from 22nd to 25 july.

    Please confirm the rates and how to reach from chand.station. I am 62yrs and single.from new delhi.

    1. @ Sh. Pradeep Sharma, this is only a hobby website and not the official website of any of the resorts and hotels that have been reviewed by me. Morni is about 40 KM from the Chandigarh Railway Station. You could ask for a taxi to Morni and take the road for Tikkar tal resort of Haryana Tourism. Rock View is two Kilometres from Morni. Alternately you could find out about the mini-bus to Tikkar tal from Pachkula bus stand and get down near Rock view. A prominent signboard marks the way to the cottage hotel. +91 9254210130 was the number of the phone with the caretaker when I last visited the hotel.

  2. I feel an update is in order. I just came back from a stay at rock view. The rooms are nice and affordable, but there are some shady activities happening in them.
    The caretaker casually offered us ‘girls’ like it was a snack that came with tea. A big group of jaat men were drinking themselves silly and they had made the demand for ‘girls’ (I put girls in quotes because they’re not commodities to be offered and demanded for). We left immediately, and the caretakers didn’t meet our gaze as we walked out. We were safe because we were a group of 4 guys, but I thought I should get home and write this in.

  3. Nishant Prabhakar

    Well, Nishant reading what you wrote pains me a lot personally. Over the years all hotels have come up and are offering girls. I am the owner of chandrawal Kunj and we prefer families than to do such nefarious activities… Even because of this even our business has suffered but we don’t compromise on ethics and morality. I personally planted trees like Devdars, oaks, blue pines which are hardly found in such altitude… The grace of the trees gives a spiritual high and oneness with nature aka the almighty and its more enjoyble than doing the girl thing. After all in our busy urban lives we need relaxed mind in pure natural blessing.

  4. I am thinking to visit on your place the what kind of safilaty you are offring tell me my and my friends are intersted please let me know asap.

  5. nishant sir three is a hotel name VIRAJ hotel near to the hotel Rock view. pls if u have any contact number of hotel viraj or any idea howtoget contact ps provide me info

    1. This is a wrong information I am staying the some resorts rock view is family hotels and gud food and gud weather she is

      1. Nishant u r wrong it is a family resort i know very well about rock view because i stay there many times and i could not face any type of this problam because it is only for family enjoyment and kitty party etc. There is good lawn and the view of tikker taal lake looking beautiful from this hotel.

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