Bollywood discovers Morni

A recent suspense thriller ‘2 Nights in Soul Valley’ produced by Pinta & Dehal Productions has been filmed extensively in the untouched forest locales of Morni hills.  The thriller is based on the hair-raising experience of a group of college friends who go for a two-day trek to a remote area in the Himalayas.

The director, Harish Sharma, has built the horror story around a real-life account by a person who had shared a frightening experience in the forest of Pithoragarh when interviewed by Harish during his days as a journalist with PTI. The film stars TV artists Hemant Pandey (of ‘Office Office’ fame) and Meenakshi Soni as also models Sumeet Sharma, Gaurav Shah and Aakshi Khari. A British singer-model (who plays the Sarangi!), Mili Moonstone, has been cast as ‘Jenny’ who is investigating unexplained ‘disapperances’ in the area.

The director has successfully exploited the haunting beauty of Morni and its air of mystery and intrigue that becomes palpable to anyone who ventures uninvited into the thorny scrub that clothe these lower Shivaliks. The overwhelming stillness, the sinister gnarled trees and the hovering vultures (they still survive in Morni!) promise to spook even the strong-hearted, especially once the sun has gone down.

2 Nights in Soul Valley – the haunting hills of Morni


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  1. Immensely appreciated that Bollywood has filmed “2 Nights in Soul Velley , which depicts the natural beauty of shivaliks named as Morni Hills as compared to other dazzling types of shootings in studios.

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