‘Windmills’ of Morni: Generating Clean Power

Solar Technologies set up a 10.2 KW hybrid renewable electric power system at Chakli and Ramsar villages in Morni in partnership with the Government of India. The system consists of two wind turbines that provide 6.6 KW of wind power and solar panels that generate 3.6 kw of solar power. The project was completed in July 2008 and was designed to provide power to 25 households. Each household gets power for two bulbs and a fan. Chakli and Ramsar villages were chosen as the sight has a commanding 360 degrees view and is suitable for setting up of the turbines as well as the solar panels. The villages lie at the tail end of the power transmission system and were getting intermittent power supply with voltage fluctuation. Mr. Timothy D Clark of Ananda Solar Technologies gives an interesting account of his seven week stay at Morni and the experience of setting up the turbines with local resources after transporting the raw materials on mules!See <www.ananda.org/ananda/village/villager/archives/pdf/2008-07-0

You Tube Video:watch?v=YPjD9CL0Oog