Water Harvesting Dams: Aasrewali Dams

The earthen dam at Aasrewali created a small sized reservoir that initially provided water for fields lying downstream. The irrigation pipes are, however, now buried under silt and the reservoir now serves as a watering-hole for the village cattle and the wildlife.

Aasrewali Dam
View of Aasrewali Village from Dam
Spillway Aasrewali Dam
Small Bee Eater at Aasrewali reservoir

A second, much larger reservoir has been created more recently in the hills deep in the scrub forest across the seasonal rivulet that flows past the Aasrewali village. This reservoir provides water to the fields through pipes that are as yet functional and not rendered inoperative by siltation. The utilization of water does, however, lead to the reservoir runing dry in summers.

Aasrewali lake at main check dam
Lake at Aasrewali main check dam
Fields irrigated by Aasrewali check dam

The Aasrewali reservoirs have proved a boon for the wildlife during the dry summer season and are frequented by Barking deers, Neelgai, Goral, Langurs, Jackals, Sambars and the lurking leopards.

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