Khol Hai Raitan Wildlife Sanctuary, Morni

October 8, 2011

Khol Hai Raitan Wildlife Sanctuary is being established over an area of 4883 hectares and notice was issued on 28th July 2011 to invite objections/suggestions to the draft notification by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. The sanctuary includes the forest covered Shivalik hills bound by NH-73  to the West, Morni-Jallah road to the North, Mandana to the East and TBRL/village plains to the South.  This is roughly the entire hill region to the west of Mandana and includes well forested area with virtually no human habitation beyond Berwala when heading towards Mandana.

The area forms the habitat of the leopard,cheetal, sambar,langur, hyaena, fox, jackal,mongoose, porcupine etc. An area of 1 KM around the sanctuary shall form the eco-sensitive zone and shall have restrictions on change in land use etc.

At 52000 hectares, the Corbett National Park is nearly 10 times the combined size of Khol Hai Raitan and Bir Shikargarh Wildlife Sanctuaries!

Khol Hai Raitan WLS

Khol Hai Raitan WLS Morni


Khol Hai Raitan WLS Draft Notification I


Khol Hai Raitan WLS Draft Notification II


Khol Hai Raitan WLS Draft Notification III


Khol Hai Raitan WLS Draft Notification IV

Khol Hai Raitan WLS Draft Notification V

Khol Hai Raitan WLS Eco-sensitive zone


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