Coir pith (organic) manure comes to Morni

The Coir Board has developed the technology to prepare organic manure from composted coir pith. Coir pith is a spongy waste product obtained during the extraction of coir fibre from the husk.The organic manure has excellent water retention capacity, is odourless and is rich in enzymes, nutrients and humus. It enhances aeration and improves the soil texture and enhances root penetration.Its a 100% environment friendly organic manure and is excellent for garden plants and horticulture crops.Farmers cultivating the rose plant in the green houses by the bank of river ghaggar at the foot of the Morni hills are experimenting with this manure from the South. The picture shows a consignment off-loaded by a truck at the Barisher turn waiting to be transported in jeeps to the greenhouses along the Ghaggar banks.

Coir pith manure
Green Houses along Ghaggar

India produces some 5.5 lac metric tonnes of coir pith every year and there is tremendous potential for growth in the use of this environment friendly manure.