Hills of Morni: Purple Sunbird

Purple Sunbird (Cinnyris asiaticus) is a small (4″) sunbird with a short down-curved bill that feeds mainly on nectar. The male is a glossy metallicpurplish black while the females are olive above and yellowish below. Unlike the humming bird they rarely hover at flowers and rather perch to forage for nectar. The bird has a fast, direct flight. While feeding they flick their wings. The nest is a pouch made of cobwebs and thin strips of vegetation etc often suspended from a low branch of a thorny plant or over hanging wires. It breeds before the Monsoons.

Sunbird, Bunga
Purple Sunbird, Rasoon, Bhoj Balag


Purple Sunbird
Female Sun-Bird, Rasoon; Courtesy Rajesh Pandey


Sunbird's nest
Sunbird’s nest
Pouch nest of a sunbird, April
Pouch nest of a sunbird, April