Birds of Morni: White-capped Red Start

March 17, 2012

White-capped Red Start/ White-capped Water Red Start/ River Red Start/ White-capped River Chat (Chaimarrornis leucocephalus ) – a black and orange chestnut bird about the size of a sparrow that is found along rapid Himalayan rivers and streams. The throat, breast and upper parts are black with a prominent white cap and a constantly shivering orange tail (black at the ends). The underbelly and the rump is rufous/ chestnut. The wings are black and drooping. The white-cap is more prominent in males. The generic name ‘chaimarrornis’ means the ‘torrent bird’ in Greek.

White-capped Red Start, Bharal Choe

White-capped Redstart

White-capped Redstart

White-capped Redstart

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