Birds of Morni: Red-rumped Swallow

Red-rumped Swallow/ Masjid-ababil is the size of a sparrow and is a glossy deep blue with a white chest and lower parts streaked with brown. A chestnut band runs from the face to the hindneck. The tail is long and forked that becomes visible in flight as does the red-brown rump. The flight is swift and graceful with the forked tail assisting in the flying maneuvers as it catches insects in flight. Makes nests of mud collected from rain-puddles that is then used for plastering. The mud plastered nest is usually reinforced with grass and stuck against the ceiling of an overhanging rock or even an occupied dwelling.

Red rumped Swallow, Rasoon-Deora track, July 2012 (Courtesy KS Bains)
Red rumped Swallows (Courtesy KS Bains)
Red rumped Swallow- Chest-nut rump and forked tail
Red rumped swallows


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