Birds of Morni: Jungle Babbler

Jungle Babbler/ Sat bhai (Turdoides striatus) an earthy brown untidy looking bird that moves in noisy flocks or ‘sisterhoods’ of half a dozen or more (hence the common name ‘Sat bhai’ – Seven Brothers). The tail is longish. Wings are small and round and the flight is weak. The bill is yellow. The call is harsh and nasal and the flock creates a rucus with its constant chattering and wrangling. The bird is extremely gregarious and the flock often moves in mixed foraging groups. They feed on insects, grain, nectar of silk cotton trees, wild figs and berries. Flocks can be seen hopping around on the ground in search for insects. The bird is ubiquitous and can be spotted in hills, in plains, in forests and in urban gardens. The flock fights off attacks by predators like snakes, cats, hawks etc as a band. The bird builds its nest in the trees a loose cup of rootlets, grass and twigs.


Jungle Babbler