Birds of Morni: Common Hoopoe

November 21, 2011

Common Hoopoe is a medium-sized bird colourful bird with a distinctive crown of feathers and a thin tapering black bill that it can open while probing inside soil. It has strong broad rounded wings that make them fast in flight. It feeds largely on insects foraging in the soil with the strong bill in open ground. The strong feet are used for digging out the insects and the larger ones are beaten against a stone or the ground to kill them. Hoopoe may also feed on frogs, lizards, seeds and berries.It nests in holes in a tree or a wall. Territorial fights between males can get violent with birds stabbing rivals with sharp bills sometimes to blind the opponent.The females produce a foul-smelling liquid that is rubbed to the plummage of nestlings to afford protection against predators and parasites. It is the national bird of Israel and the State bird of Punjab province.

Common Hoopoe

Common Hoopoe

Common Hoopoe, Mandana

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