Birds of Morni: Black Drongo

Black Drongo/ King Crow (Dicrurus macrocercus)a glossy black bird nearly a foot in length with a distinctive forked tail and short legs.It is found in open fields or lightly wooded area and aggressively attacks any bird of prey or crow that enters its territory. It can be seen perched fearlessly and conspicously on transmission/telegraph lines or similar open perches. The flight is strongly powered and fast and they can catch insects in flight. They feed on bees, ants, moths, caterpillars and termites. They are known to imitate the callof the Shikra to scare away mynas and steal their prey.They roost late and feed till late hours. They nest in large leafy trees and other smaller birds like pigeons, bulbuls and babblers are known to nest in the vicinity to seek safety from the drongos ability to mob and fight off predators like the Shikra.


Black Drongo