Morni Wildlife (Insects): Day flying ‘Tiger-striped’ Moth

November 5, 2014

Day flying ‘Tiger-striped’ Moth – Episteme adulatrix: A brightly coloured day flying moth with a tiger-striped orange-black abdomen that can easily be confused with a butterfly. The non-clubbed antennae and the stout abdomen are the give-aways that tell you that it’s a moth and not a butterfly.

Day flying  Moth -Episteme adulatrix, Mandana, Morni Hills (July, 2014)

Day flying ‘Tiger-striped’ Moth – Episteme adulatrix, Mandana, Morni Hills (July, 2014)


The moth was identified by Sh. Sanjay Sondhi, a Dehradun based Naturalist.

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