Morni Wildlife (Insects): Blister Beetle

August 29, 2013

Mylabris pustulata is a large red-orange beetle, over an inch in length with broad black bands. The neck is long and pronounced. It is a species of the family of ‘blister’ beetles and is found in South Asia. The family of ‘blister’ beetles gets its name from the defensive secretion of a toxic chemical that causes blistering of skin. The bright red-black colouration warns birds of its toxicity. The larvae feed on soft insects like aphids thereby making the beetle beneficial to crops in the early stages. The adults, however, feed on flowers and leaves and are known to damage crops and lower yields.

Blister Beetle-Mylabris pustulata, Jallah road, Morni foothills (August)

Blister Beetle-Mylabris pustulata, Jallah road, Morni foothills (August)

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  1. Sandeep says:

    These beetles are mostly found feeding and living in wild bush morning glory flowers, especially during the monsoons.

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