Glimpses of History: Masoompur Fort

The Meers of Kotaha ruled from their fortress at Garhi Kotaha with smaller forts at Mornee and Masoompur. The Masoompur fort is set on a small mud hillock and it overlooks the sharp ravines to its south that break into the plains beyond. The Masoompur village lies to the South-West. The fort was a post under the main fort and it dominated the route to Samlotha temple that lay on the hills beyond. The temple was a source of revenue for the Meers and large sums were collected during the annual fair. No written account is available of the destruction of the fort and it may have been demolished by the British, post 1857 alongwith the Kotaha fort.

The fort lies in a state of complete ruin. The outer wall is completely demolished and a part of a lone gateway is all that remains of it. A couple of cells with thick stone-brick masonry walls continue to defy the vagaries of nature. A secret passage covered with lantana dares you to explore it further. Its probably the opening to the dark tehkhana that lies below. The 5 KM metalled road from Kotaha Fort through Rehna village brings one to Masoompur and a dirt track leads to the hillock on which the fort is located. The white tower of the Samlotha Devi Temple and the dharamshala building is visible on the hill top to the North East.

Masoompur Fort
Masoompur Fort - Cells
Masoompur Fort- Secret Passage
Ravines to the south of Masoompur Fort
Samlotha Devi Temple from Masoompur Fort
Masoompur Village from the Fort