Bhoj Balag

March 18, 20130 Comments

Bhoj Balag is one of the 14 bhojs of Morni Development Block. It has its own Panchayat. As per records of election department and records maintained under MNREGA, Bhoj Balag comprises 8 dhanis, namely, Balag बालग, Dayora दयोड़ा, Gajhan गजान, Kharog खरोग, Maadal माडल, Nathan नाथन, Rasun रसुन and Thala(pur) थला. * Its population was 491 at the time of the 2001 census and is […]

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Dhanis of Morni ‘Ilaqa’

March 17, 20130 Comments

During the days of the British rule, the ‘Ilaqa of Morni’ formed a jagir of the Mir of Morni for which he paid revenue to the British government as was assessed and periodically revised by the British land revenue authorities. The entire revenue demand for the entire Morni ilaqa was fixed at Rs. 8726 after […]

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Morni Bhojs & Panchayats

October 7, 20110 Comments

  Sr. No. BHOJ 2001 Census Village Panchayat Code Village Panchayat Name 1. RAJPURA 2347 27567 BALDAWALA 2. 27578 RAJPURA 3. DHARTI 1112 27569 DHARTI 4. JABYAL 1220 27570 JABYAL 5. KOTI 1364 27571 KOTI-DARDA 6. KOTHI 480 27572 KOTHI 7. KUDANA 1167 27573 KUDANA 8. BALAG 491 27568 BALAG 9. NAITA 531 27575 NAITA […]

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Villages of Morni

October 7, 20116 Comments

‘Villages’ in Morni area range from isolated hamlets hidden within dense forests in narrow valleys (like Kadiyani) to clusters of stone houses on a forested hill-tops (like Diyothi) to large town-sized villages (like Mandana and Jabyal). The contiguous clusters of houses typically comprise the numerous ‘Dhanis’ that are then organized into the ’14 Bhojs of Morni’. The Bhoj was […]

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