Bhoj Kudana

December 8, 20140 Comments

Bhoj Kudana– comprises the dhanis lying in the low hills and spurs to the south of the ‘Valley of Tikkar’ with it twin tals and includes Baghwali, Barat, Bhamnol, Bhiyula, Kudana, Bounta, Dharket, Dharwala, Dighann, Duh, Dundal, Lad, Loharo, Mandhedi, Marad, Mathana, Mau, Meharwala, Samrotha and Tikar. Samrotha, an important dhani lies atop a hill […]

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Thandog panchayat

May 11, 20131 Comment

Thandog, a large Rajput village on the eastern flank of the Morni hills, is best known for the thick groves of chir pines and the cool mountain breeze that whistles through the pines. The area is perceptibly cooler than most parts of the dry lower-Shivalik hills of Morni and hence gets its name ‘Thand’-og. The […]

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Dudhgarh panchayat

May 11, 20130 Comments

Dudharh is one of the several Gujjar villagesthat lie in the southern foothills of the Morni range. The village commands a relatively large level plain to the north of Khetpurali and sits at the mouth of a deep and thickly forested valley wedged between the nadi to the east and Mandhna hills to the west. Up north, in the […]

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Bhoj Tipra

April 12, 20130 Comments

Bhoj Tipra lies on the hills that lie north of river Ghaggar that form the northern boundary of the Morni ‘ilaqa’. Beyond the hills of Tipra farther to the North lies Himachal and the imposing Bursinghdeo Range, a virtual straight wall that extends from Nahan in the east through Sarahan to Naina Tikkar in the […]

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Bhoj Jabyal

April 9, 20130 Comments

Bhoj Jabyal’s claim to fame lie in its most famous dhani, Morni, after which the entire hill range is named. Morni can today be safely called a ‘town’ as it has a fair number of houses, the sub-tehsil, a police post, a bank branch, a bus station, a school, a government dispensary, a market, a […]

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Bhoj Matour

April 9, 20130 Comments

Bhoj Matour भौज मटौर includes the dhanis on the Mandhna highlands that slope from South towards North falling sharply to form the narrow kandi belt south of the Ghaggar river. Beyond the river further north lies the Pinjore dun. The highlands form a sharp semi-circular cliff of clay and boulder on the southern boundary with […]

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Bhoj Ponta

April 8, 20130 Comments

Bhoj Ponta lies along the Trilokpur – Morni road and as per MNREGA data comprises 17 dhanis – Baiska, Banswala, Belwani, Bhogpoor, Cheedwala, Chhta Tikkar, Dabor, Dahk Wala, Dharda, Katlly, Khetda, Lasawa, Maysun, Narvad, Ponta, Sher Gujran, Veena (Bhana) Khadun.* The relative size of the dhanis can be estimated from the MNREGA data summarized in […]

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Thapli panchayat

April 5, 20130 Comments

Thapli panchayat area is accessed from Panchkula by the Chandimandir-Jallah-Morni road. As per records of maintained under MNREGA, Thapli panchayat comprises 10 dhanis, namely, Balu बालु, Barun बरुन, Bharal, Bhud भून्ड, Dagrana डंगराना, Jonpur जौनपुर, Kumbhwala, Mataur मटौर, Nadawala नरवाड़ and Thapli थापली.* The Thapli panchayat comprises Sarpanch Mamraj and 6 Panches (including 2 women […]

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April 3, 20130 Comments

Aasrewali (आसरेवाली) is one of the larger villages in the kandi area of Morni foothills. It falls under the Berwala Nandla Panchayat of Barwala Development Block. The village population predominantly comprises Muslim Gujjars who practice semi-nomadic pastoral farming. The men-folk take their cattle for grazing to neighbouring Punjab etc in search of green pastures during […]

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Bunga panchayat

March 31, 20137 Comments

Bunga बुन्गा is one of the major villages that lie in the picturesque foothills of Morni and falls in the Barwala Development Block. The ‘Bunga panchayat’ covers Bunga as well as the adjacent smaller village of Belwali. The Bunga panchayat has 887 registered voters (497 male & 390 female) as on 1.1.2012. The Bunga panchayat […]

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