Trees & Shrubs

Flora of Morni Hills

Trees of Morni: Tungla

तुन्गला Tungla/ मूर्ति Moorti in Morni (Rhus parviflora) – a shrub with a smooth grey bark. Young parts are densely covered with hair. Leaves comprise 3 leaflets on a common petiole- the terminal leaflet is much larger than the other two. Leaflets are obvate, crenate, sparsely hairy above and pubescent beneath. Flowers in May/June. Inflorescence- …

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Trees of Morni: Tilki

Tilki/ Tilman/ Pansira/ Cheeli (Wendlandia heynei)– a small evergreen tree that gets covered with tiny pink white flowers in spring and the tree appears to be covered with snow.  It is a fairly common tree in Morni hills.        

Trees of Morni: Ber

Ber/ Indian jujube (Ziziphus mauritiana) is a hardy, tropical thorny evergreen bush (1.5 metre tall) or a medium sized tree (upto 12 metres tall). The tree grows rapidly and starts producing fruit within 3 years. It has high tolerance for water-logging as well as drought conditions. Its tap root develops rapidly to defy drought conditions. …

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