Trees & Shrubs

Flora of Morni Hills

Shrubs of Morni: Sonkadi

Sonkadi (Pentanema indicum) is a herb of the ‘Sunflower family’ that grows up to 1 metre tall. It has attractive, yellow flower-heads with 12 to 24 ray flowers (petals). Leaves are lance-like and stalkless. It is found on grassy slopes of the Himalayas.

Trees of Morni: Teak

Teak/Sagwan (Tectona grandis) a large deciduous tree with small, white fragrant flowers and large ovate, papery leaves.  It bears flowers in pannicles during monsoons and small globose fruit thereafter. The tree is leafless during winter months. Timber is hard, durable, termite resistant , with tight grain and good texture.This makes it popular for making furniture. …

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Shrubs of Morni: Nickernut

Yellow Nicker/ Grey nicker/ Nickernut/ Bonduc nut/ Fever nut /Kantkarej or Kantikaranja in Hindi (Caesalpinia bonduc)- the ‘Nickernut’ is a large, thorny, straggling, leguminous shrub which behaves like a strong woody climber, taking support of trees. Plants generally start as a single stem arising stiffly upright from the ground that curves into a more horizontal direction …

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Shrubs of Morni: Calamintha (Mint family)

Calamintha – a shrub of the mint (Lamiaceae) family that is native to Europe, Asia and America. There are several species and sub species in the genus ‘Calamintha’. Calamintha nepeta (Lesser Calamint) is a beautiful Mediterranean perennial shrub with upright stems and small, glossy green fragrant leaves that attract hummingbirds, honeybees and butterflies with their …

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