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Trees of Morni: Kandai

December 19, 20180 Comments

Governor’s Plum/Kandai/ Kakai Flacourtia ramontchi/ Flacourtia indica is a small thorny deciduous tree with rough whitish-grey bark; young parts are hairy. Leaves are 2-4 inch long, are ovate and obtusely serrated, smooth above and usually hairy beneath. The leaves and twigs are lopped for fodder (and the tree is hence susceptible to browsing).  It is […]

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Trees of Morni: Bahera

May 22, 20160 Comments

Bahera /Behada/Vibhitaka (Fearless in Sanskrit)/Beliric (Terminalia bellerica) is a large deciduous tree of South-East Asia that grows on plains and in lower hills. It has an uneven bluish or ashy-grey bark with longitudinal furrows. It grows to a height of 80-100 feet with a girth of 8-10 feet and is easily recognized from a distance by its […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Charming Clematis

November 9, 20140 Comments

Charming Clematis/ Dhanwali धनवाली (Clematis grata) is a vigorous Himalayan climber that bursts into clusters of many small cream-colored fragrant flowers with spreading petals from July to September. The climber is found up to 2500 metres. Leaves are compound – leaflets are 1″ to 3″  long, ovate, lance-shaped, strongly toothed/lobed and hairy beneath.  

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Trees of Morni: Curry-leaf

November 7, 20140 Comments

Curry-leaf tree/ Kari patta करी पत्ता (Murraya koenigii) – is a small tree, growing up to 20 feet tall, with aromatic, pinnate leaves with 11-21 leaflets. The plant produces small, white self-pollinating flowers. It bears small, glossy black berries that yield a single, large viable seed. The species is named after the German botanist Johann […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Potato tree

November 6, 20140 Comments

Potato tree (Solanum verbascifolium) is a widespread weed of the tropics that originated from the Central American region. The shrub can grow up to 4 to 10 metres tall. A toxic plant that is used to prepare formulations that are used as diuretics and purgatives for treating malaria, leprosy and venereal diseases and for stimulating […]

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Trees of Morni: Himalayan Wild Pear

November 5, 20140 Comments

Himalayan Wild Pear /Mehal मेहल /Mol मोल/ Kainth कैंठ (Pyrus pashia) is a small or medium-sized deciduous Himalyan tree found at altitudes of 750 m to 2700 m with lance-like, glossy leaves with serrated edges and glossy brown, table-tennis ball sized, edible fruit covered with raised cream-white pores. The fruit is rich in minerals and ripens in […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Glory Lily

September 28, 20140 Comments

Glory Lily/ Fire Lily (Gloriosa superba) is a tender, tuberous rooted, perennial climber that climbs over plants with the aid of tendrils at the ends of leaves. It has large showy, ‘flaming’ yellow-orange-red flowers with 6 large wrinkled petals ensconsed by 6 prominent stamens. Flowers are solitary and open by longitudinal slits in the buds. The […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Chhota Kalpa

August 1, 20140 Comments

Indian Borage/ Chhota Kalpa (Trichodesma indicum) – a small, spreading, erect herb with lance-shaped, stalkless hairy leaves,hairy stems and small, 5-lobed white flowers that point downwards when open. Also known as the ‘Starflower’ it belongs to the family of ‘forget-me-nots’ and is believed to have originated in Syria and then spread in the Mediterranean region […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Jungli Karonda

March 16, 20145 Comments

Jungli Karonda /Wild Karoda/ जंगली करौंदा (Carissa spinarum) is an erect, thorny shrub with leathery,ovate leaves and forked branches. The leaves exude a toxic, white latex if plucked from the stem. The small, red berries are edible. The thorns can be an inch-and-a-half in length. The star-shaped flowers are white with 5 narrow petals. Jungli […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Indian Nightshade

March 15, 20140 Comments

Indian Nightshade/ Poison Berry/Brihatee/Bardhi Kateri (Solanum indicum) is a spreading shrub of open scrub land. Leaves are about 10 cm long . The flowers are purple. The berries are yellow when ripe. The prickly shrub can grow to a height of 1-5 metres. The roots of brihatee are used for preparing Ayurvedic medicines for treating cough, asthma, […]

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