Adventure Park, Valley of Tikkar, Morni hills

September 13, 20134 Comments

The Adventure Park at Morni was set up at a cost of Rs. 1 Crore by the Haryana Tourism Department in the Valley of Tikkar and was inaugurated in October 2004 by the then Chief Minister of Haryana. The park was set up on the heavily wooded hill that separates the twin lakes of Tikkar. […]

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Nature Camp Thapli

September 12, 20139 Comments

The Haryana Forest Department has created an impressive ‘Nature Camp’ on a hill side at Thapli. The camp overlooks the floodplains of Ghaggar River and the forested Pinjor dun and Himachal hills to the north. To reach the camp one must turn right at the T-intersection on the Shimla highway just beyond the Toll Plaza. […]

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Resorts of Morni: Lakeside Cafe

May 28, 20130 Comments

As one cautiously descends the steep hill road from Morni to the twin tals (lakes) in the ‘Valley of  Tikkar’, one first reaches the smaller of the two lakes that has been named ‘Badah’  (large) tal, for some curious reason. The valley as seen from atop the Gajan hill to its north resembles a large […]

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Resorts of Morni: Pine Resort

March 23, 20120 Comments

Nestled in the heart of Morni’s only real pine belt is this two-storey green-coloured road-side dhaba that overlooks the terraced fields and the meandering ghaggar and the road to Barisher. The heavy shade of the whistling pines and the moss covered rocks give one the feel of being in the higher hills of Himachal. The […]

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Lal Munia, Forest Rest House, Morni

March 5, 20124 Comments

A quaint, red-roofed two-room guest house of the Forest Department with a large well maintained garden is one of the best places to stay in Morni. The interior-walls are paneled with polished plywood and the roof is covered with wooden tiles. Food is available on prior request. Two log huts have been recently added to the […]

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Morni Hill Resorts: Mountain Quail

March 4, 20120 Comments

Mountain Quail– the Haryana tourism motel on the Morni ridge offers decent food and reasonably well maintained rooms. Its the most ‘respectable’halt over for the family crowd visiting the hills.The majestic Auracarias to the front give the motel class. The food is served on request on the garden tableslaid out in the garden to the […]

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Morni Hill Resorts: Shimon Resort

March 4, 20127 Comments

Shimon Resort at Urhion, about a kilometre short of Morni offers views of the Tipra Range beyond the Ghaggar.

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Morni Hill Resorts: Rock View

March 2, 201210 Comments

The road from Morni to Tikkar tal is a level drive for some 2 kilometres from the fort until one reaches the sharp bend around the Gajan ridge. The road then descends sharply against the face of the rocky-cliff and offers an awe-inspiring view of the sparkling lakes and the vast plains that stretch into […]

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Morni Hill Resorts: Chandrawal Kunj

March 2, 20125 Comments

Chandrawal Kunj is one of the oldest resorts of Morni. It is also the greenest resort in the hills. It is located atop the chir-pine covered hill that overlooks Bhoj Jabial, about a kilometre from Morni along the Morni-Tikkar Tal road. The resort is built on leveled piece of land alongside a natural pond, with […]

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Morni Hill Resorts: Green Hills Resort

March 2, 20123 Comments

The resort started with a couple of modest thatched roof cement huts but a concrete building has been added to it. It is located at Bhuri, some 3 Km from the Thapli-Jallah turn while driving towards Morni from Mandana side. A pine grove covers the hill to the rear and one has a good view of […]

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