Around Morni

Temple of Bhuri Singh Deota

December 16, 20143 Comments

Amongst the interesting sites to visit around Morni is a temple with a breath-taking cliff-side location at the centre of the formidable ‘Bhuri-Singh-Deota-Range’. The hill range is a sheer wall of rock running for 15 KM from Sarahan in the South-East to Naina Tikkar in the North-West in Sirmaur District of Himachal Pradesh. The temple […]

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Sukhna Lake, Wetland & Wildlife Sanctuary

January 29, 20143 Comments

Sukhna Lake is a man-made lake that was created by building a stone-cum-earthen embankment to block the flow of water of the Sukhna Choe that originates in the Shivalik Hills to the north of Chandigarh. The 42 feet high rockfill earth dam was completed in 1958 to create a kidney-shaped lake, 1.52 KM long and […]

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Temples of Chandi

May 13, 20130 Comments

Prior to the partition of 1947, the British-Indian province of Punjab had Lahore, the magnificent City of Gardens of the Mughals as its capital.With the partition and creation of India and Pakistan, the western part of the province and the city of Lahore went to Pakistan. India then built its first modern planned city as […]

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Lake at Mallah

January 7, 20130 Comments

The Haryana forest department has built an artistic masonry check dam across a seasonal choe to create a beautiful, long and narrow lake in the abandoned limestone quarry area of Mallah. A walkway with concrete banisters has been created on the top of the dam wall. A flight of steps has been added at either ends to provide easy access from the steep […]

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Kaushalya Dam

December 13, 20121 Comment

A 700 metre long and 34 metre high earth-fill dam has been constructed on Kaushalya, a tributary of Ghaggar river by the Haryana Government at a cost of Rs. 217 crores. The dam is located at Pinjore, in the foothills of Morni and is expected to check flash floods during monsoons and also supply 40 […]

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Nada Sahib Gurdwara

October 2, 20121 Comment

Just before the turn on NH 73 (connecting Panchkula-Roorkee) for the major district road to Morni, is the historic Nada Sahib Gurdwara that marks the spot where the tenth Guru of the Sikhs set up camp on the banks of river Ghaggar on his way to Anandpur after his victory at Bhangani in 1688 A.D. […]

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