Mornee Tramp

An environmental enthusiast who loves tramping through the hills in search of the picturesque.

Villages of Morni

‘Villages’ in Morni area range from isolated hamlets hidden within dense forests in narrow valleys (like Kadiyani) to clusters of stone houses on a forested hill-tops (like Diyothi) to large town-sized villages (like Mandana and Jabyal). The contiguous clusters of houses typically comprise the numerous ‘Dhanis’ that are then organized into the ’14 Bhojs of Morni’. The Bhoj was …

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History of Morni

The 14 ‘BHOJS’ of Thakur Rajputs: The Morni Hills were originally held by Rajput Thakurs who had divided the territory into 14 small estates. Each of these estates was called a ‘BHOJ’ and included several hamlets or ‘DHANIS’. The sub-division thus effected persists to this day and each bhoj retains much the same boundaries as it …

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Good Wood

My father loved the hills. He could feel the romance of a hill station. He would have loved to own a little ivy-covered stone cottage on a pine hill. To have walked down its cobbled pathway through the morning mist, sporting a masculine overcoat, the broad brim of his stylish felt hat pulled low over …

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