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Elephant – The Lady Boss

February 25, 20152 Comments

Elephant – The Lady Boss; Vanasuma Prakashana; Chandrashekhar Basappanavar (1998) The Tramp chanced upon this veritable gem while sifting through a row of second hand books in the wildlife section of ‘Blossoms’ a famous bookstore on Bangalore’s Church Street. The store with its impressive collection of books, new and old, on virtually every subject under […]

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Tiger Wallahs

February 13, 20150 Comments

Tiger -Wallahs Geoffrey C. Ward & Diane Raines Ward Oxford University Press 2002 It’s a grim account of the battle being fought to save India’s forests – and of the men at its forefront. The indefatigable Fateh Singh Rathore- the Tiger of Ranthambore made famous by his pupil – Valmik Thapar – a prolific wildlife […]

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The Gujjar Herder of Kalesar

February 1, 20150 Comments

He seeks the story of life. The story revealed in the song of the robin. The babbling of the brook. The death swoop of the shikra. The gorals silhouetted against the morning sky. The hum of the cicadas. The fragrant flowers of the Mahuaa that lure the cheetals. The mesmerizing  hues of the autumn. The […]

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