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When Ahmad Shah Durrani went hunting in Pinjore (1765)

August 13, 20140 Comments

One of the most powerful men to have visited Pinjore and to have hunted in the forests of the Pinjore dun and the Morni hills was Ahmad Shah Durrani (Abdali) who visited the valley during his seventh invasion of India in 1764-65. Abdali halted at the garden in Pinjore while marching towards Delhi with his […]

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Polyhouse farming in Morni Hills

August 5, 20143 Comments

Farmers in the Morni area have of-late started experimenting with Polyhouse farming. A polyhouse is a tunnel like structure of polythene, generally semi-circular in shape that is used for growing plants under controlled conditions. Originally designed to trap the sun’s heat like a greenhouse for growing plants in colder climates, polyhouse farming has today come […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Chhota Kalpa

August 1, 20140 Comments

Indian Borage/ Chhota Kalpa (Trichodesma indicum) – a small, spreading, erect herb with lance-shaped, stalkless hairy leaves,hairy stems and small, 5-lobed white flowers that point downwards when open. Also known as the ‘Starflower’ it belongs to the family of ‘forget-me-nots’ and is believed to have originated in Syria and then spread in the Mediterranean region […]

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