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Asola-Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

February 27, 201414 Comments

Asola-Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary was created in 1986 with the notification of 4707 acres of community lands of the villages of Asola, Shapur and Maidangiri as the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary. To this were added the 2167 acres of Bhatti that were notified in 1991. The sanctuary comprises the semi-arid forest area of the northern-most extension of […]

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Pakistani Warplane crashed in Morni Hills in 1971?

February 16, 20140 Comments

It was Sunday, the 3rd of December, 1971. Civil war had been raging in East Pakistan ever since the crackdown in Dhaka on the night of 25th March, 1971 by the Pakistani Army. The leader of the separatist Bangla nationals, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested in the midnight swoop and a violent pogrom was unleashed […]

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Police Stations of Morni Ilaqa

February 14, 20140 Comments

The larger Morni ‘Ilaqa’ comprising the Morni Hills, the foothills and the adjoining hill area of Mallah falls within the jurisdiction of three police-stations. The 14 ‘Bhojs’ of Morni hills fall under the Morni Police Post (of Chandimandir Police Station) that is located in the Morni Sub-Tehsil Building next to the Morni Fort. The following Bhojs/ […]

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Corbett Tiger Reserve

February 10, 20140 Comments

It’s a 400 km drive to Ramnagar from Chandigarh. One drives through Panchkula to take NH-73. The highway crosses the 17th century fortress at Ramgarh with its white-washed ramparts and its majestic wooden gate. One then drives along the picturesque 5000 acre walled-campus of TBRL to turn for the Toka-Khangesra link road at Mattewali, a […]

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Birds of Morni: Little Cormorant

February 9, 20140 Comments

Little Cormorant can be spotted foraging in small ponds, lakes and streams either alone or in small loose groups. It swims underwater in search of fish and perches itself with open wings on rocky-outcrops or branches of fallen trees projecting from the water  to dry itself after emerging from a dip. It is a little […]

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Birds of Morni: Wallcreeper

February 9, 20141 Comment

Wallcreeper (Tichodroma muraria) a blue-grey bird of the mountains, about 6” in size, with striking crimson wings and dark tail and flight feathers. It is found in the Himalayas at elevations of 1000-3000 metres and moves to lower elevations in winters. It feeds on insects and spiders and can be seen hopping up and down a […]

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