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Morni Wildlife (Insects): Blister Beetle

August 29, 20132 Comments

Mylabris pustulata is a large red-orange beetle, over an inch in length with broad black bands. The neck is long and pronounced. It is a species of the family of ‘blister’ beetles and is found in South Asia. The family of ‘blister’ beetles gets its name from the defensive secretion of a toxic chemical that […]

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Birds of Morni: Indian Pond Heron

August 13, 20130 Comments

Indian Pond Heron/ Paddy Bird /Andha Bagla in Hindi (Ardeola grayii) an earthy brown bird with snow-white wings, tail and rump that take you by surprise as the bird rises in flight.  The neck is pulled-in when flying. Its near perfect camouflage makes it difficult to spot when not in flight. It is seen at […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Himalayan Balsam

August 12, 20130 Comments

Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) is a shrub that originates in the Himalayas. Is typically 5 to 6 feet high with green, red-tinged stem. Leaves are long and slender with serrated edges. The flowers are pink with a hood that resembles a policeman’s helmet. The bees and the wasps can be seen drinking the sweet and […]

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A walk to remember!

August 1, 20135 Comments

It was 7:35 AM when the phone chimed softly on receiving an urgent SMS. “It’s raining cats and dogs. Please reconsider the trip!” It was the King, getting the nerves before the trip. The request was five minutes too late!! I had actually managed to start dot on time at 7:30 AM. Not that I […]

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