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Temples of Chandi

May 13, 20130 Comments

Prior to the partition of 1947, the British-Indian province of Punjab had Lahore, the magnificent City of Gardens of the Mughals as its capital.With the partition and creation of India and Pakistan, the western part of the province and the city of Lahore went to Pakistan. India then built its first modern planned city as […]

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Thandog panchayat

May 11, 20131 Comment

Thandog, a large Rajput village on the eastern flank of the Morni hills, is best known for the thick groves of chir pines and the cool mountain breeze that whistles through the pines. The area is perceptibly cooler than most parts of the dry lower-Shivalik hills of Morni and hence gets its name ‘Thand’-og. The […]

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Dudhgarh panchayat

May 11, 20130 Comments

Dudharh is one of the several Gujjar villagesthat lie in the southern foothills of the Morni range. The village commands a relatively large level plain to the north of Khetpurali and sits at the mouth of a deep and thickly forested valley wedged between the nadi to the east and Mandhna hills to the west. Up north, in the […]

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Birds of Morni: Asian Koel

May 9, 20131 Comment

Asian Koel (Eudynamis orientalis) – is a large long-tailed cuckoo, about the size of a house crow, though slenderer. The male is a glistening black with a yellowish-green beak and crimson eyes. The female is brown and is heavily spotted and barred with buff and white. Koels are very vocal during the breeding season from […]

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Trees of Morni: Mauwa

May 8, 20130 Comments

Mauwa/ Samma (Engelhardtia spicata) is a medium sized deciduos tree of the Himalayas occuring at altitudes ranging from 1000-3000 metres. The trunk is greyish-brown, straight and deeply fissured. The tree flowers during March-April and the light green female flowers hang in pendulous spikes. Timber is reddish-grey and moderately hard.    

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A forest in flames and the tranquillity of Thandog

May 7, 20131 Comment

A glass of sweet ‘lassi’ (buttermilk) awaited me as I turned into the lane for King Uncle’s house and headed for the majestic palms that make his house stand out in an otherwise nondescript small-town locality. The car battery had given me a scare on the way and I was not sure whether I could safely […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Indian Mallow

May 4, 20131 Comment

Indian Mallow/ Atibala (Abutilon Indicum) is a small tropical shrub with ovate/heart-shaped leaves with serrated margins that flowers from September to April. The dainty orange-yellow flowers are about an inch in diameter and occur solitary in axils on long stalks. Fruiting carpels are flat-topped and form a dark and hairy head. Seeds are kidney-shaped. The plant is […]

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