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Bunga panchayat

March 31, 20137 Comments

Bunga बुन्गा is one of the major villages that lie in the picturesque foothills of Morni and falls in the Barwala Development Block. The ‘Bunga panchayat’ covers Bunga as well as the adjacent smaller village of Belwali. The Bunga panchayat has 887 registered voters (497 male & 390 female) as on 1.1.2012. The Bunga panchayat […]

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MNREGA in Morni

March 19, 20130 Comments

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) was enacted in 2005 and is aimed at enhancing the employment opportunities for the rural poor and guarantees a hundred days of wage-employment in a financial year to a rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. The adult members of a household […]

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Bhoj Balag

March 18, 20130 Comments

Bhoj Balag is one of the 14 bhojs of Morni Development Block. It has its own Panchayat. As per records of election department and records maintained under MNREGA, Bhoj Balag comprises 8 dhanis, namely, Balag बालग, Dayora दयोड़ा, Gajhan गजान, Kharog खरोग, Maadal माडल, Nathan नाथन, Rasun रसुन and Thala(pur) थला. * Its population was 491 at the time of the 2001 census and is […]

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Dhanis of Morni ‘Ilaqa’

March 17, 20130 Comments

During the days of the British rule, the ‘Ilaqa of Morni’ formed a jagir of the Mir of Morni for which he paid revenue to the British government as was assessed and periodically revised by the British land revenue authorities. The entire revenue demand for the entire Morni ilaqa was fixed at Rs. 8726 after […]

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Into the leopard’s lair

March 15, 20131 Comment

I was late. It was Delhi again. Anybody who has had the experience of moving in to this ‘City of Djinns’ knows how the mega-polis discourages the newcomer from making the entry. It can be years before you reconcile to its undecipherable maze of unending roads, its congested gullies, the packed markets and the soulless […]

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Water Harvesting Dams: Dams near Kamballah-Katli

March 11, 20130 Comments

A series of earthen dams have been built across seasonal choes to create a number of large ponds near Kmballah village that lies on the Parwallah – Tikkar road that links the Tikkar tals directly to Raipur Rani without first having to negotiate the climb to Morni. A dam overlooks the Guga-Marhi temple at the […]

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