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Birds of Morni: Indian Roller

June 30, 20120 Comments

Indian Roller/ Neelkanth (Coracias benghalensis) is over a foot in size with a blue-green/ turquoise blue crown, lower wings and vent. The tail is sky blue. The back and abdomen is gray-brown. The beak is long and curved with a hooked tip. It is found perched on bare trees or overhead wires in cultivated areas […]

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Water Harvesting Dams: Aasrewali Dams

June 30, 20121 Comment

The earthen dam at Aasrewali created a small sized reservoir that initially provided water for fields lying downstream. The irrigation pipes are, however, now buried under silt and the reservoir now serves as a watering-hole for the village cattle and the wildlife. A second, much larger reservoir has been created more recently in the hills […]

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