Month: May 2012

Forest Fires in Morni

The dry scrub forest of the Morni hills experiences devastating fires in the summer months every year. The fires find a mention in the 19th century British gazetteers so the problem is not a recent one. The spread of lantana has, however, aggravated the problem as the bush readily catches fire during the dry season. …

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Trees of Morni: Tiger’s Milk Spruce

Tiger’s Milk Spruce/ Khirun/ Khinna/ Chhiran/ Ainkhar (Sapium insigne) a medium-sized, fast growing deciduous tree of the Shiwaliks with horizontal branches that exude a toxic milky sap. During flowering the tree is leafless with long upright, crimson coloured spikes at the end of the branches. Flowers are yellowish-green arranged on these terminal spikes. Leaves are …

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Trees of Morni: Dhaman

Dhaman/ Dhamin/ Dhanu vriksha/Kandiayee (Grewia tiliifolia) a moderate sized tree with a grey/dark brown bark that bears pea sized, globose, edible stone fruits that turn black when ripe. The fruit is liked by grey langurs and humans alike! Leaves are oblique, heart shaped. Wood is strong elastic and durable.